A site-responsive intervention, curated by Vân Đỗ. 
High-voltage electric station 33B, Gia Lâm Train Factory, Hanoi, Vietnam. - as part of UNESCO’s Hanoi Festival of Creative Design 2023. 
Overvoltage, 2023

Space, steel, rebar, brass, flux, nickel-plated steel ball chain, light bulbs, LED lights, aluminium U-channel bar, silicon strip, hardware, tape, acrylic, and electricity.

Dimension is specific to the 33B high-voltage electric station , Gia Lâm Train Factory, Hanoi, Vietnam.

“Space is the main material in ‘Overvoltage’. Taking an existing site - an electric supply room - as an organic and mechanical site, both human and nonhuman, ‘Overvoltage’ witnesses an encounter between existing traces of an overall architectural structure and a sculptor who will produce on site, within a specific time frame, using materials sourced from electrical supply stores, adhering to the industry and the ecologies within the factory and nearby the site (Long Biên District). 

‘Overvoltage’ proposes that a particular site is not necessarily overcast by its socio-political shadows, but can rather be felt and made present – like how electricity current delivers, flows, and interrupts – through affect. Through Vy’s methodology of active working on-site, the train factory becomes her motor in revealing the kind of personality it once was and is as of now - being exposed, intervened, coming into sudden contact with strangers, awaiting an undetermined future.” [from Overvoltage Press Release ]

Overvoltage Website

Acknowledgement: Overvoltage is funded by Vietnam Art Collection (VAC), with technical assistance from Á Space, and lighting support from Croled.

Photog courtesy of Trieu Chien.


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